Safesea Project — Its time for a change!

SafeSea is a community-focused decentralized transaction network with charitable purpose. Our journey was the answer to a simple cause; “Save the OCEAN”.

Keep it clean for future generations!

The mission

At SafeSea Project we have given ourselves the mission to create a world of clean ocean without pollutions while provides value transfer through the blockchain that has become second nature to everyone. We want to demonstrate that blockchain is the future and emerging it with the SafeSea to bring awareness of ocean polution, we could provide a solution to solve the real world problem, “Save the OCEAN”.

One big community

Having a community who is eager to help and want to donate for a good cause, is the most important thing. We call you, all the people who want to take responsibility for the horrible act fishing companies and organizations do to our oceans. The ones who want to make a difference but do not know how. Come and check it out, how you can do it with us.

Because together, united, we can do a difference!

We were not founded from an existing community, let alone a preassembled team. The ones behind SafeSea had never collaborated before. They are a fresh team of developers, designers, managers, directors and marketing experts.

When you joined SafeSea as a project it is neccessary that you love Ocean and want to act to preserve it.

We love Ocean, and we love it clean, full of life, diverse with shallow coral reefs to the deepest trenches.

Beach Cleaning Norway


SafeSea is in it for the long haul. Our plans are for long-term development of the ecosystem which result in a fruitful investment beyond any temporary trends. After creating a stable source of funds, we want to extend our operations in the real world as well. It means we are willing to found a company, involve in spreading new inventions, using them to clean the ocean, fund certain organizations who have an already established method to help restore sealife. And we have many many more ideas introducing soon.

Charity is the key!


SafeSea founded main purpose is to create a charity fund for saving the ocean. Our plans are to donate month after month from the funds created, to the selected charity organizations, such as Oceana and Save the Whale. From time to time we will looking for partnerships with other organizations, movements who needs funding to make a difference.

Raising Funds

Our First goal is to create a SafeSea Swap applicaton, where investors can swap well known tokens and coins while half of the swap fee will goes to charity, marketing and to further development.

Future goals

Raising the funds through Safesea Swap is the first step to make a difference. We will donate to different Sea rescue operations, we will looking for investors who have related inventions and fund their projects.

The Profit we create will be distributed further for donations, for funding and for creating relavant projects in the future.


Our eager team of marketing experts are ready to spread our message through various media channels, like crypto news portals and social media portals.

Safesea tokenomics and ecosystem

$SFS is an BSC-20 token

launched on the Binance Smartchain on April 26, 2021.

The max supply is 1 trillion $SFS.

The key functionality of the token is its built-in redistribution mechanism.

For every transaction (buy or sell), 4% is sent to existing $SFS investors as a reward.

That means their wallets increase automatically over time.

Upon listing on PancakeSwap exchange, 50% of the Liquidity Pool (LP) tokens were locked,

while the other 50% was burned as a symbolic gesture.

Check out our project and give us a helping hand!

twitter: @Safeseaproject



Created by Deadeye74 (aka Mesterlovesz74) Project manager

Safesea Project created for the sole purpose to save the ocean! Our team and community will work on to reach this goal!